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Features & Benefits of Radiator Covers

Radiator covers provide many benefits, making them a valuable addition to your property.

Beautify Your Property

Hide unsightly radiators with beautifully designed radiator covers. You never have to paint your radiators ever again.

Minimize Heat Loss

Exposed radiators have uncontrolled heat loss through walls, windows, and ceilings. Painting them doesn't help because it insulates them and reduces heat efficiency by up to 15%.
To prevent this problem, install radiator enclosures. They correct exposed radiator heat losses by directing heat into the center of the room. According to a test by the University of Illinois, they increase the room temperature by 1.5 degrees. Our radiator enclosures are available in steel for the best heating performance.

Prevent Burns

Radiator enclosures protect children and adults from contact with exposed hot radiators and pipes. They're used in hospitals, daycare centers, nursing homes, institutions, offices, and homes.

Reduce Dust Buildup

Radiator enclosures control radiator dust and soiling. This allows painted walls, wallpaper, plaster, drapes, and furnishings to retain their new look for longer. Radiator covers also help prevent dust and grime accumulation that prohibit heat from escaping your radiator.

Save Money

Radiator covers are a way to improve heating system efficiency at low prices. Your savings in fuel dollars will pay for the radiator enclosures for years to come.

Choose the Right Color & Size

Our radiator enclosures are available in many colors, so you can find the perfect match for your property. We also have dozens of ready-made sizes. Save up to 50% over the usual made-to-order sizes.
Prices will never be lower, so place an order today! Materials and labor costs are always on the rise.
We have made buying radiator enclosures affordable and economically priced. If you have any questions about our products or prices, please contact us.