We Craft Radiator Covers with Care

Efficiency Meets Style

Finely Crafted Radiator Enclosures from Brooklyn, NY

A radiator is essential to maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors. But its bulkiness and industrial look might clash with your property's style. Keep this eyesore hidden and spruce up your space using radiator covers from Pine St. Metals.
We create radiator enclosures in Brooklyn, NY, that add to the beauty of your property while also providing many practical benefits. They improve heating system efficiency, prevent burns, and more.
Wooden Radiator CoverWinter Gloves Above The Heater

Made with Precision from Start to Finish

Our company manufactures, assembles, and distributes a complete line of radiator enclosures. Each product is designed with attention to detail using top-of-the-line materials and equipment.

Serving You Since 1945

Pine St. Metals is a family-owned-and-operated metal manufacturing company established in 1945. Because of our excellent work quality, we have become the trusted source for radiator covers in the area.
We are also well-known as the manufacturer of New York's finest kitchen cabinets. Our cabinets are a combination of clean beauty and durability.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

You can count on us for prompt service and on-time delivery. We take great pride in our customer service and consider your particular needs when designing our products.

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